Biometric authentication

Authenticate biometric identity with documents for maximum security.

Building customer relationships based on trust


Deliver definitive ID document proofing

Scan our global library of government-issued IDs in seconds to recognise a genuine customer and deliver secure identity verification from a certified digital identity service provider.

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Protect against fraud with FaceMatch

FaceMatch technology compares your prospect’s ID with live capture of facial landmarks so you can trust someone is who they say they are and onboard a genuine customer in seconds.

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Detect genuine presence with liveness testing

Liveness assurance provides an extra layer of biometric protection against impersonation, spoofing and presentation attacks to prove the genuine presence of the person presenting ID.

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Complete ID protection with tamper detection

Detect digital tampering, physical recapturing and face substitution in fake identity documents to reduce the risk of identity fraud and swiftly onboard your genuine customers.

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Identity coverage

Global customer onboarding

Wherever your business is going, get more good customers onboard:

  • Data cover in 50+ countries
  • Document cover in 196 countries
  • Global library of 8500+ IDs
  • Secure identity fraud detection


Looking for easy identity proofing?

Go to market faster, smarter and safer with GBG GO, the no-code identity document and biometric identity proofing solution that builds your onboarding journeys, reducing risk and maximising customer conversion.

Mobile intelligence

Are you Mobile-to-Person matching?

Mobile Intelligence silently matches a mobile device to the legitimate owner of that number, securely authenticating a genuine customer to their personal device and checking for SIM swap and call forwarding scams.

"We needed a reliable system and database that could help us verify an individual so that we could protect the business and our customers from fraud"
Noa Luthi Product Owner, Financial Crime and Customer Due Diligence | Revolut

Complete customer confidence

Build online customer relationships based on trust while keeping the fraudsters at bay.

Start building trust today

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