Secure customer onboarding
that’s good to GO

The no-code document-centric identity proofing solution that reduces risk and maximises customer conversions.

Risk-based journey builder

A risk-based approach lets you focus on optimal customer experiences and improved cost-per-customer acquisition.

Journey Builder
UI Editor
Identity and Document Verification

Join the thousands of businesses GBG helps to identify customers and prevent fraud

Optimised experience

GO smarter

  • GO’s risk-based approach lets you focus on premium customer experiences and improve your cost-per-customer acquisition

  • Onboard low-risk customers fast, taking high-risk customers on a more secure journey

GBG Intelligent Data Processing
Flexible ID verification setup with GBG

Speed to market

GO faster

  • Convert customers fast with no-code customer Journey Builder and templates

  • With built-in experience branding, customer consent and language translations, get to market worldwide in minutes, not days

Easy customer onboarding

GO simpler

  • Identity verification, biometrics and customer onboarding, made simple

  • With a drag-and-drop customer Journey Builder, ready-to-go templates and easy UI Editor, you don’t need to know code to know your customer

GBG Maximum Fraud Protection

Know Your Customer

GO safer

  • Secure identity document proofing, biometrics and AI-powered decisioning combine to minimise risk and fight fraud

  • By fast-tracking only customers you trust, you can go to market with confidence

Adapt and enhance

GO your way

  • An identity document-centric onboarding solution with real-time analytics of journey times, screen performance and drop-off locations

  • Or select GO capabilities to enhance your existing solution

GBG statistics diagnostics for ID verification

GBG GO is powered by​


GO brings together the power of GBG’s document and biometric identity proofing technologies in your onboarding journey to reduce risk and maximise customer conversion.

Journey templates

GO provides ready-to go customer journey templates to get you up and running with automated identity document verification with no coding and minimal technical resources.​

Journey builder

GO lets you customise journeys with a drag-and-drop customer Journey Builder and UI Editor. Add identity verification steps and decisions, previewing your journey on mobile, tablet and desktop.​

Branding, consent and translation

GO gives you complete brand control, including logo, colours and typography, built-in customer consent checks and language localisation so you can go to market across the globe.​

Document verification

GO delivers definitive identity proofing with biometric FaceMatch and liveness technology, and tamper detection. Be confident you’re only onboarding customers you can trust.​

AI-powered decisions

GO deploys machine learning to power patented eDNA identity graph analysis and document tampering detection, recognising identity fraud patterns and rejecting suspicious identities.​


GO Analytics monitors journey times, drop-off rates and screen performance helping you to optimise customer onboarding. achieve higher onboarding rates and grow revenue.​

"GBG GO is truly a one-stop solution for my team to deliver efficient customer due diligence."
Kristi Evans, Chief Compliance Officer

Customer onboarding that’s good to GO

Learn how to get to market faster with secure customer onboarding you can trust.