The global identity network

Stop fraud, reduce costs and fast-track great customers.

Stop fraud and fast-track great customers

Recognise great, good and bad customer prospects before transacting, at the first point of contact, for accurate routing of fast, slow or no-go customer onboarding journeys.

Stop fraud before onboarding

Spot fraud signals from suspicious identities and block fraud before it’s onboarded to your business.

Convert more good customers

Recognise positive identity insights including good thin-file customers and optimise verification costs.

Accelerate great customer journeys

Tap into real-time insights beyond your business to reduce friction and fast-track great customers.

Fraud doesn't recognise
business boundaries

Cybercrime is organised

Cyber-criminal networks are driving a global fraud epidemic with stolen data and fake documents.

Fraud doesn't discriminate

Criminals know fraud security operates in industry silos and deploy fake identities for maximum return.

Industrial identity theft

Stolen identity data and fake documents are packaged and sold on the dark web to multiple buyers.

Businesses are joining forces 
to fight identity fraud

Join the global identity network

Share cross-sectoral identity intelligence with a unique identity network, bringing together hundreds of global businesses and billions of identity insights for a strong first line of defence against identity fraud.

Recognise every good customer

Powerful rules constantly interrogate millions of identity data records in the global network, finding positive matches and combinations so your business can recognise every good customer at the very first contact, even if their identity footprint is small.

Block fraud before it's onboarded

Suspicious identity data anomalies and high-velocity submissions are detected in real time in the global network and reflected in a low GBG Trust score, so your business can block fraud before it’s onboarded.

Deliver customer speed and security

The GBG Trust score reflects great, good and bad prospects for accurate routing of fast, slow or no-go customer journeys minimising friction and cost for great customers or adding extra checks if it’s worth it.

Our customers typically recover the annual cost of GBG Trust within one month of going live

Frequently asked questions

Existing customers, get in touch with our Customer Support team.

Access to GBG Trust is simple to set up through a web-based solution, batch process or a single integrated API, with GBG Trust scores easily activated alongside your existing checks. Ready to join the world’s largest identity intelligence network? Talk the trust experts.

No, complete data privacy is preserved. Trust insights and fraud signals derived from the data are shared to produce a GBG Trust score – the data itself is not shared. No data is disclosed to network participants that is not already known and no indication of the origin of data records is ever revealed.

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