At GBG, our partnerships are key to our success. As a Channel partner you gain access to our market-leading solutions that help to enhance your offerings and benefit your customers. We also work with Data and Technology partners that help us to enhance our solutions and ensure we add more value to - and meet the specific needs of - our customers around the world. If you’d like to become a GBG partner, details on how to get in touch can be found below.

Channel Partnerships

What are your business’ identity and fraud solution requirements?

If you deliver an automated identity verification service, run a platform, are a systems integrator or simply want to make referrals to customers in need of ID or fraud solutions we’d love to partner with you. 

Witness real business growth

Partner with GBG to resell or deploy market leading solutions and achieve scalable and repeatable revenue streams.

Enhance your existing solutions

Integrate our customisable technology into your overall existing solutions with ease to enhance your service, benefit your customers and remain fully compliant.

Leverage your networks

Network and make new business introductions through the GBG referral programme and earn commission.

Data Partnerships

Do you provide data to support online identity verification or to detect fraudulent activity?

Integrate your data into our solutions to prevent fraud, enhance digital trust and simplify online user experiences.

Revenue expansion

Access new revenue streams by integrating your own data through our identity and fraud solutions.

Flexible integrations

We can take your data via API or flat file delivery.

Market leadership

We're robust and reliable with demonstrated consistent growth and have multiple accreditations for compliance and security.

Technology Partnerships

Have you developed innovative identity verification or fraud prevention technology?

We work with technology partners to combine expertise that, together with our existing data assets, enhance our identity verification, fraud prevention and compliance solutions.

A truly global team

Join our Global Technology Partnership to exponentially grow your distribution reach.

Supported market entry

Build revenue without having to package a market proposition.

Strength of heritage

Have confidence in working with a credible business, respected globally for over 30 years.

Global Addressing Solutions

Are you looking to enhance your address and geocode offerings?

We can help our partners solve address data quality issues for their customers, increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue by leveraging our market leading global address verification, address capture and geocoding products.

Effortless set-up

Seamlessly integrate our global address data, address capture and verification technologies into your existing systems and applications.

Expanded product offering

Implement our location data and address capability solutions to expand your product offering.

Earn more money

Become a reseller and increase your revenues, or simply refer clients with confidence, earning commission fees and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Working with leading global partners in over 70 countries

Get in touch

Find out more about how your business can benefit from becoming a GBG partner.