Public Sector

Keeping accurate data records and conducting thorough identity verification and background screening checks are essential practices for many public sector organisations. From governments and regional councils to local authorities and state-run schools, our smart solutions make these processes quicker, keeping public organisations fully secure and totally compliant.

Public sector identity verification and fraud compliance software | GBG

UK identity fraud increased by 18% in 2019. Always remain protected with our easily-integrated government ID verification solutions and smart sanction and politically exposed person checks.

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Combine solutions to solve all needs

The list of requirements for public sectors organisations can be long and complicated. However, our combination of solutions prevents the need for multiple suppliers, removing operational complexity.

Get results fast

Whether you’re flagging PEPs and sanctions as part of customer onboarding or conducting client background screening, our solutions return the right results as quickly as possible.

Keeps you compliant and free from fines

Regulatory compliance is vital in the public sector. Avoid fines and expensive court cases with the help of our solutions.

Know your Customer

KYC checks for public sector organisations

Know exactly who you are dealing with before they become involved with your organisation and make sure regulatory obligations are consistently met with robust KYC checks at the point of onboarding. Our solutions use sophisticated identity data and document verification techniques, as well as PEP and sanction screening and criminal background checks, to keep your organisation protected.

GBG Know Your Customer KYC
Identity investigation | GBG

Identity Investigation

Link and visualise real life relationships

Analyse and understand any individual or organisation by visualising their identity and significant connections using the UK’s most comprehensive data.


Accurate data verification

Keeping accurate datasets and archived records is essential for many public sector organisations. Our solutions can help you to accurately validate postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and banking details instantly, reducing costly mistakes and helping you to store error-free data correctly and securely.

Address Verification software | GBG

Identity Document Verification

Safe and secure document validation

Our digital identity verification solutions use biometric liveness checks, FaceMatch and Smart Capture technology, and human forensic document experts. This means you know who you are dealing with instantly when onboarding customers and can easily manage site visitors, preventing fraud before it becomes an issue.

Why choose GBG

At GBG, we understand that when it comes to identity security and anti-fraud protection, organisations in the public sector require as much help as possible in order to stay protected and remain compliant. With this in mind, our bespoke identity and fraud solutions can be integrated into common public sector processes, and are designed with the demands of the sector in mind. We also provide location intelligence solutions that use secure data capture techniques to help guarantee that all information you collect is as accurate as possible and stored securely, ensuring you remain compliant and avoid regulatory fines.

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