Document identity proofing

Take your customers on swift and secure identity-proofing journey, delivered by a certified digital identity service provider.

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ID your customer for secure onboarding

In our increasingly digital world, document-centric methods of identity verification, also known as ‘identity proofing’, have developed at pace to provide a high degree of assurance that your customers are who they claim to be, wherever they are presenting our credentials. Complete due diligence and onboard your customers with secure identity proofing.

Complete secure customer onboarding

Activate smart document capture for easy-to-follow, secure customer identity proofing at onboarding.

Prove customer identity worldwide

Deliver definitive customer identity proofing in 196 countries and territories around the world.

Protect against identity fraud

FaceMatch your customers for fast biometric authentication that detects and deters identity fraud.


Smart document capture

Automatically capture and classify documents with your customers’ smartphone camera, delivering high quality digital scans with You Only Look Once (YOLO) technology to eliminate blur and glare and accurate optical character recognition (OCR) for identity data extraction.


Global document library

Get access to our global and ever-growing library of government-issued ID templates, covering 196 countries and territories, delivering automated document authentication and an essential step in a secure customer identity proofing journey.


Secure data extraction 

Extract accurate, digitally-signed RFID chip data from your customer’s ID using the near-field communication (NFC) technology in his or her device, automating form-filling and quickly cross-checking identity data.


FaceMatch to protect against fraud 

FaceMatch technology compares your customer’s ID image with live capture of facial landmarks so you can automatically recognise and trust someone is who they say they are, onboarding a genuine customer in seconds.

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Forensic document experts

Our dedicated team of Cifas-trained forensic document experts are always on call to help your business manage any document referrals with additional document checking to deliver a 100% decision rate.

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"We used GBG to boost match rates by 21% and onboard more customers, more quickly. "
Mark Reynolds, Senior Product Manager | CurrencyFair

Frequently asked questions

Existing customers, get in touch with our Customer Support team.

Yes, our physical and digital tamper detection technology can identify counterfeits, forgeries and fakes.

Identity document proofing may return a refer result if document authentication is not possible. The most common reasons for this are low quality, cropped document images, high glare or shadowing.

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