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IDscan Rapid document verification service

Step up your identity verification process

Stop asking your customers to share id documents over email, and start onboarding customers quickly and securely, within minutes.  

Pay as you go

With no set up fees or upfront commitments you only pay for the verifications that you use. All you need is a credit card and the subscription volume that best suits you.

Fully automated ID verification for ID documents

Easy to use

Create verifications in seconds with our easy-to-use journey builder. And your first 10 checks are on us so you can start verifying customers today.  

Fully digital solution

With a web login for users, you don’t need to worry about any technology set up. And your clients do not need to download an app to complete the verification, providing them with a smooth and quick experience. 

Also looking for KYC and AML checks?

Not to worry as we have a solution that includes data checks along with document verification. 

Chat with one of our experts today to find out more. 

ProID end-to-end digital identity verification



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Deliver a seamless, secure and speedy experience for your clients

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Reduce your AML compliance & fraud risk with our automated, always-on solution

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