Identity Investigation

GBG’s investigation solution represents the smartest and fastest way to locate and understand any individual or organisation, visualising their identity and significant connections in the process.

Identity investigation | GBG
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Locate individuals effortlessly

Locate, understand and contact individuals faster with the most sophisticated graph technology powered by the most comprehensive UK data sources.

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Optimise fraud data

Prevent and investigate fraud using data. Optimising fraud investigations, unearth hidden links between individuals, properties and organisations to decisively close cases quickly.

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Shape customer experiences

Detect risky applications and transactions to confirm whether or not they are legitimate quickly, increasing acceptance rates and driving exceptional customer experience.

Comprehensive ID data sources

Comprehensive ID data sources

The UK’s most comprehensive data universe linking individuals, properties and organisations

Gain access to billions of data records. We are experts in linking data to ensure investigating and understanding any individual is possible. This means any hidden relationships involving properties and organisations are detected.

Enhanced data checks

Strengthen the depth of investigations with specialist data

Leverage additional data checks when you have located an individual, property or organisation. From credit linked addresses and property transactions to purchase history and digital validation, verify ID rapidly to  prevent fraud, money laundering and other criminal activity easily.

Automate your investigation workflow

Single API Solution

Automate your investigation workflow

The Investigate API will add efficiency and effectiveness to your investigations. Simply integrate the API into your existing data and systems to automate the investigation process. The Investigate API has been built from the ground up as a scalable Rest API, available whenever you need it. Achieve the benefits of a complete cloud solution.

GBG’s Shortest Path

Intelligent technology that links and visualises real life relationships

Analyse the relationship between any two entities and visualise the ‘shortest path’ to uncover links that help you contact or investigate an individual. Our online solutions display all connections in a simple visual graph, presenting the information as clearly as possible and speeding up fraud investigations.

Shortest path

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We are saving a lot of money that is passed on to honest customers via lower premiums
Paula Howett, Fraud and Risk Quality Manager, Ageas

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