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Investigate technology links individuals, places and businesses with the help of data and gives you insights into people and their behaviours. We help public and private sector organisations with a range of investigative work, including debtor tracing, counter-fraud, and the fight against crime.

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Get the complete story

Investigate technology brings together data from disparate sources, and our powerful matching algorithms merge that data to give you a holistic view of an individual.

Grow your business

Investigate has access to the largest pool of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data. It helps you to fill in gaps in your data and determine how to capitalise on additional opportunities.

Improve your customer experience

With more data about your customers, you can be more efficient and personalised in how you target them.

Comprehensive ID data sources

Comprehensive ID data sources

The UK’s most comprehensive data universe linking individuals, properties and organisations

Gain access to billions of data records. We are experts in linking data to ensure investigating and understanding any individual is possible. This means any hidden relationships involving properties and organisations are detected.

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Personalise your investigation and bring it to life

Combine Investigate data intelligence with your customer, employee, citizen and fraud data to give you a 360-degree view of the identity, property or business you are investigating. Our human-centric solution brings your investigation to life by analysing billions of data records in seconds and presenting them in an intuitive visual graph that you can manipulate and customise to make highly informed decisions.

Automate your investigation workflow

Single API Solution

Automate your investigation workflow

The Investigate API will add efficiency and effectiveness to your investigations. Simply integrate the API into your existing data and systems to automate the investigation process. The Investigate API has been built from the ground up as a scalable Rest API, available whenever you need it. Achieve the benefits of a complete cloud solution.

Investigate Managed Services

We help you manage the most critical asset of your business: your customer data.

We help you grow your business and brand reputation by improving your match rates and providing correct and complete customer contact data, using multiple and disparate data sources. Investigate Managed Services allows you to access the comprehensive Investigate data via batch delivery, saving you time during the data collection process.

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We are saving a lot of money that is passed on to honest customers via lower premiums
Paula Howett, Fraud and Risk Quality Manager, Ageas

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