Identity data verification

Verify identity data

Verify and onboard genuine customers worldwide with secure matching and compliant checks in seconds.

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Onboard more good customers

Growing your customer base in new markets means managing risk, cost and compliance challenges. Recognising a genuine customer is simple in some places and harder in others, but with comprehensive global data sources, you can quickly verify someone on the other side of the screen wherever they are in the world.

Onboard customers worldwide

Verify customer identities quickly, securely and compliantly while protecting your business against fraud.

Boost customer match rates

Get the best match rates market by market, onboarding more new customers in more countries at speed.

Deliver better business results

Optimise data verification for more passes, reduced manual reviews and targeted document checks.


Match to the highest identity standards

Know your customer and safeguard your business with international identity data sourced to meet the highest compliance standards in over 50 countries around the world.

Global identity coverage


Automate customer onboarding with confidence

Our identity confidence metric calculates identity data match accuracy, integrity and count to deliver a globally consistent identity score that optimises your customer onboarding. 

Global identity coverage


Complete customer due diligence

Know your customer and ensure full compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, safeguarding your brand reputation and protecting your business bottom line.

Global identity coverage


Activate global identity data verification

Go to market quickly, securely and compliantly with a single API integration for global identity data that plugs into your existing customer onboarding platforms. 

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"We used GBG to boost match rates by 21% and onboard more customers, more quickly. "
Mark Reynolds, Senior Product Manager | CurrencyFair

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