Prevent identity fraud

Interrogate identity data for suspicious anomalies and other fraud signals.

Building customer relationships based on trust


Share consumer trust insights and fraud signals

Connect your onboarding checks to a powerful network of shared consumer intelligence and tap into positive matches and suspicious data anomalies and signals that exist beyond your business.

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Prevent fraud with Mobile-to-Person Match

Silently match a mobile device to the legitimate owner of that number, securely authenticating a genuine customer to their personal device and preventing identity fraud.

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Screen out suspicious email addresses

Analyse the transactional and behavioural history of an email address – a unique global identifier that rapidly reveals fraud signals when screening your customers at onboarding.

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Spot and stop synthetic identity fraud

Detect remixed and manufactured digital identities, silently probing the quality, activity and history of an identity to reveal synthetic identity fraud or confirm a genuine customer at onboarding.

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Consumer intelligence

GBG Trust Network

Powerful insights from millions of global customer interactions:

  • Consortium representing 400+ businesses
  • Covering 23 sectors in 80+ countries
  • Containing 50 million+ data records (and counting)
  • Complete data privacy preserved

Trust Network

Ready to join a global trust network?

Turn on trust-powered fraud signals sent from a unique data sharing network of thousands of global businesses, alerting you to suspicious data velocity, inconsistency and manipulation.


Ready to take fraud investigation further?

The UK’s most comprehensive tracing technology plugs your business into intelligent graph technology and billions of data records to reveal the hidden connections between people, businesses and property.

"Adding GBG Mobile Intelligence to our onboarding process has helped authenticate users, increase customer match rates and stop application fraud in real time."
Ibrahim Nazirudeen Head of Product Risk & Compliance | Currencies Direct

Complete customer confidence

Build online customer relationships based on trust while keeping the fraudsters at bay.

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