Synthetic Identity Score

Spot and stop synthetic identities

Synthetic identity fraud is a global concern across multiple industries. Our predictive Synthetic Identity Score analyses and contextualises credit bureau data to assess the genuineness of identities, helping stop fakes at the point of registration.

Synthetic identities are a rapidly growing problem and the hardest form of fraud to detect and prevent.

Assess the genuineness of identities

Synthetic Identity Score assess the genuineness of the identity at the point of registration, helping to maximise onboarding rates of genuine customers while spotting and stopping fake synthetic identities before they become a problem.

Inclusive customer onboarding experience

Synthetic Identity Score helps you to treat people of all ages equally. We derive insight from age and credit bureau data to present the overall health of the identity

Reduce abandonment rate

With passive automated checks we can help prevent loss of revenue from customer abandonment without the need for onerous active verification processes.

Predictive synthetic fraud score

Synthetic Identity Score is a sophisticated scoring model that provides the most predictive synthetic fraud score. The score is built on decades of experience in analysing and contextualising credit bureau data to verify identities. Synthetic Identity Score utilises customer s age and data returned by one or more credit bureaus to provide a view of the identity presented.

The score is calculated using three inputs:


The Score analyses the history of an individual's credit footprint to identify if the history is consistent with the individual's age.


The Activity on the credit record is also analysed to understand if they have active accounts or only historic closed accounts.


The quality of the types of accounts on the credit file are also taken into consideration as part of the score.

Synthetic Identity Scores

Our advanced scoring model analyses and contextualises credit bureau data searching
for synthetic identity indicators including:

Spot and stop synthetic identity fraud

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