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Enhance your members experience through digital engagement, whilst maintaining data accuracy & preventing fraud.

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Our data and software solutions can optimise member data, enable digital contact strategies and proactively identify member life events to improve the members experience whilst reducing operational costs.

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Superior member experience

Ensure your members have the best possible experience.

Effective regulatory compliance

Comply with data accuracy and quality guidance from the Pensions Regulator and the ICO.

Operational cost savings

Minimise overpayments and reduce costs & errors with proactive alerts and contact strategies.

Member data accuracy

Have confidence in the quality and validity of your member database to enable compliance with regulatory guidance from the Pensions Regulator and the Information Commissioners Office.

Identity data verification solution | GBG
Identity investigation | GBG

Proactive member screening

Monitor your member base proactively with alerts such as Pre-Mover, and Mortality data to allow appropriate engagement and reduce the risk of fraud and overpayment by as much as 50%.

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Member investigation

Quickly and with confidence - research, investigate, understand and if needs be engage with members. Identify potentially fraudulent activity and/or reinstate pension entitlements.

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Digital member engagement

Efficiently locate and contact members through the UK’s most comprehensive data network and drive streamlined verification through real time digital data, document and biometric verification.

The innovation in identity and fraud that GBG brings improves the experience for our members and ensures we're leading the way in the pensions industry.
Willis Towers Watson

Why choose GBG

Here at GBG, we make the data verification process as simple as possible for your business. Regardless of your industry or location, our solutions can be implemented quickly to ensure your business’ verification processes operate seamlessly, allowing you to focus on what matters - running your business.

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