Financial services

Our onboarding intelligence helps fintech and financial services combine customer due diligence and fraud controls at the first point of contact, onboarding customers with complete identity confidence.

Comprehensive identity information

Our onboarding intelligence is constantly updated with the most complete global identity data sets and document libraries that go far beyond basic data.

Unique identity network

Our global trust network unites financial services to help businesses recognise great, good and bad customer prospects at the first point of contact.

Expert identity support

Our identity and fraud experts bring deep understanding to bear on your customer onboarding needs, working with you to deliver the best solutions.


Accelerate great customer journeys

With access to hundreds of trusted international identity data sets, financial services can quickly onboard and reward more genuine customers, achieving secure identity matches and compliant data verification checks wherever in the world your business is onboarding.

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Secure biometric protection

Onboard customers in hard-to-verify global markets and enhance due diligence with document-led journeys and biometric authentication. Our unique set of onboarding solutions for financial services triangulates identity documents and data for multi-layered fraud protection.

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Stop fraud before onboarding

Manage customer journeys for security and speed with onboarding intelligence calibrated to detect and protect against data and document anomalies, providing financial services with a complete defence against synthetic identity, fake documents and other forms of identity fraud.

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