Trace connections

Connect people, businesses and property for the complete customer view.

Building customer relationships based on trust


Discover hidden links between people and property

Investigate’s powerful matching algorithms link and merge data from disparate sources to reveal hidden connections for fraud investigations, debtor tracing and the fight against crime.

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Display visual link analysis of data discoveries

Graph visualisation technology supports your investigations by revealing hidden relationships and connections, facilitating discovery and locating missing individuals in minutes.

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Build your investigation with your own data

Combine Investigate's extensive data records with your own customer, employee, citizen or fraud data to deliver 360-degree discovery of the identity, business or property under investigation.

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Consumer intelligence

GBG Trust Network

Powerful insights from millions of global customer interactions:

  • Consortium representing 400+ businesses
  • Covering 23 sectors in 80+ countries
  • Containing 50 million+ data records (and counting)
  • Complete data privacy preserved

Mobile intelligence

Are you Mobile-to-Person matching?

Mobile Intelligence silently matches a mobile device to the legitimate owner of that number, securely authenticating a genuine customer to their personal device and checking for SIM swap and call forwarding scams.

Identity proofing

Ready for enhanced due diligence?

Reduce risk and maximise customer conversion, with secure identity document verification, biometric authentication, liveness and tamper detection and be confident you’re only onboarding customers you can trust.

"GBG’s strong support, along with Investigate’s excellent data coverage and accuracy add up to a dependable, efficient and effective tool."
Nathalia Odwin, Intelligence Officer | Oxford City Council

Complete customer confidence

Build online customer relationships based on trust while keeping the fraudsters at bay.

Start building trust today

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