Trusted PEPs and Sanctions screening

Reducing your exposure to high-risk individuals and businesses.

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Real-time verification and business protection

When your reputation depends on doing business with the right customers, being able to confidently onboard good customers and manage high-risk individuals and businesses is critical. Be confident that you’re complying with AML and know your customer (KYC) regulations when you use our politically exposed persons (PEP) and Sanction checks as part of your customer onboarding process.

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Fully integrated into your customer onboarding journey

Adding PEPs and Sanctions checks to your customer onboarding journey is simple and quick, with minimal set-up and training.

Robust audit trail for full compliance

Keep your regulators satisfied with a fully automated, robust audit trail with permanent PDF copies of links to data and media sources.

Global and local PEPs and Sanctions coverage

Get local-market PEPs and Sanction knowledge to stay compliant in every region you operate or are looking to grow in.

Onboarding controls and reputational protection

The Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) states that regulated entities should not accept as customers “Persons and entities subject to financial sanctions”. Our service helps ensure you stay up to date with these changes to better protect your business from high-risk individuals and the fines working with them attracts.

Graphic illustrating politically exposed person list identification
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Up-to-date monitoring and protection

We check against the big 4 sanctions (UN, EU, OFAC and OFSI) for new releases continuously, as well as various news and email alerts issued directly by the sanctioning bodies. As well as internationally recognised sanctions, we also monitor and feedback on locally-enforced sanctions lists that help you to stay compliant wherever you’re operating.

We use multiple sources for PEP data including global PEPs, Financial Regulators, Law Enforcement, Adverse Media sources; England & Wales Charities Commission; Insolvents & Bankrupts lists; and Disqualified Directors Database.

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Comprehensive information sources

Trust that your KYC checks are robust with access to

  • More than 1.5 million PEP profiles

  • Millions of current and relevant media articles which are categorised for your quick reference

  • Permanent referenced source material like online news articles which are PDF’d for a robust audit trail

  • Thousands of individual data sources

False positive eliminated

With our PEP and Sanction checks, false positives are quickly discounted without the need for copious, expensive manual intervention.

That’s because we use a unique and sophisticated fuzzy logic algorithm which runs multiple simultaneous searches cross name variations and sequences. We take the full name and split it, we then reorder the names and store those values into separate search columns. This means if your customer enters their surname then forename in the wrong order, our technology takes this into account.

Frequently asked questions

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We cover 38 different countries and 5 regions with the greatest breadth and depth of in-country identity verification data. You can see our full coverage here.

We utilise data from 187 independent governing bodies, national and international sanction lists and the most comprehensive model that meets regulator legislation.

Yes we do, our automated ongoing monitoring check can be carried out at the point of onboarding or at a later point.

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