Know Your Customer

Satisfy regulators without adding unwanted friction for customers using our powerful, easy-to-integrate Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions that can be configured for any risk-based approach.

Graphic illustrating know your customer checks

Choose the KYC solution that's right for you

Comprehensive data sources

Our extensive range of global data sources helps you adhere to the most stringent regulations and verify customer identities accurately to prevent identity theft and reduce financial crime.

Operational efficiency with data alerts

Leverage automated and best practice rule-based systems and effectively manage fraud and compliance with our risk-based solution that generates data driven alerts for investigation.

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Minimise friction for customers

Maintain compliance without complicating the customer experience or lengthening onboarding processes.

Universal compliance

Meet global regulatory requirements

Adapt to changing standards and compliance needs in the markets you service without having to constantly re-engineer your processes, and easily meet industry regulations when entering new markets.

Graphic illustrating global know your customer verification checks
Graphic illustrating know your customer checks

Customisable and configurable

Tailored solutions for your business and your customers

Our configurable solutions support extensive risk profiles, which can be built to automatically accept, decline, and refer decisions, wherever your customer is located. Our Know Your Customer solutions can be flexibly configured to your business needs and industry requirements.

Maximising performance

Improve accuracy and efficiency with data orchestration and predictive analytics

Supplement your own data with additional intelligence and insight to increase the accuracy of the Know Your Customer risk assessment. Predictive analytics also adds operational accuracy and speed to your KYC risk management.

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Why choose GBG

Here at GBG, we make the data verification process as simple as possible for your business. Regardless of your industry or location, our solutions can be implemented quickly to ensure your business’ verification processes operate seamlessly, allowing you to focus on what matters - running your business. Powerful global verification solutions that help you to deliver first-class online experiences and verify the identity of almost anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time.

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