Detect fraud, prevent money laundering and meet your compliance requirements, while also streamlining your insurance customer onboarding processes through smart capture data techniques, with the help of our intelligent solutions.

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62% of insurers have been exposed to fraud since 2019. We use AML in banking checks and identity verification software to make onboarding secure.

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Secure insurance onboarding

Using cutting-edge identity data, mobile intelligence and document verification techniques, our solutions protect you from sophisticated forms of identity fraud and other criminal activity.

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Frictionless customer experiences

Our solutions enable a speedy, user-friendly and totally frictionless UX, while also ensuring comprehensive customer identity and bank validation checks can be carried out to protect your insurance firm and its customers.

Meet your compliance needs

KYC fraud prevention in banks is vital. Taking advantage of our advanced KYC and AML solutions, you can rest easy knowing that we're helping your insurance business meet all regulatory requirements.

Anti Money Laundering

AML in banking

Money laundering in the insurance sector is a growing global problem. Help prevent criminal activity from occurring by implementing successful anti-money laundering in banking procedures with the help of our AML detection solutions.

KYC in Insurance by GBG
GBG KYC - Insurance sector

Know Your Customer

KYC for banks and insurers

Our solutions ensure you always know who is on the other side of the screen with smart ‘Know Your Customer’ in banking checks implemented throughout the onboarding process. Identity and bank account verification checks keep your insurance business secure and guarantees all KYC requirements for banks can be met, helping you stay compliant every step of the way.

Application fraud

Prevent fraud at the point of onboarding

Application fraud is common in the insurance sector. Our solutions check customer onboarding details against multiple types of sophisticated reference and behavioural-based data to keep you secure and compliant, while also not damaging customer experience.

KYC in Insurance to prevent fraud
KYC in Insurance to locate your customers

Address Verification

Accurate geospatial data for specific locations

Loqate's address verification technology, with Geocode and Reverse Geocode added on, enhances the precision and value of the risk assessment process. Data is accurate as it enters your database, eliminating problems further down the line.

Why choose GBG

At GBG, we understand that, alongside providing a quick, simple and frictionless customer experience, fraud detection in banks, anti money laundering and KYC identity security is essential when it comes to the insurance sector. With this in mind, we have created industry-bespoke solutions that help you to provide the best possible insurance service for your customers, while also keeping you safeguarded and compliant.

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