Streamline your onboarding processes through smart capture data techniques, while also successfully detecting fraud, preventing money laundering and remaining 100% compliant, with our smart solutions.

Identity verification and fraud compliance management in Banking

19% of people attempting to open an online bank account give up. We increase your conversion rates by making onboarding quick and user-friendly.

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Frictionless customer experiences

Despite implementing more comprehensive identity and bank validation checks, our solutions allow for a quick, easy and frictionless user experience.

Secure banking

It's vital to know your customer in banking. We offer KYC checks and Mobile to Person Matching services that help safeguard your organisation from ever-evolving methods of fraud to provide a truly secure banking experience.

Fully compliant

AML is paramount in banking. That’s why we offer KYC checks for banks to improve the security of onboard processes and leading fraud detection solutions to meet all regulatory requirements.

Identity Document Verification

Slick ID document authentication

Banking customers expect and demand instant access to what you offer as soon as possible after onboarding. Our state-of-the-art document verification technologies offer the best user experience while also keeping your organisation secure and compliant.

Identity data verification solution | GBG

Identity Data Verification

Verify identities without impacting user experience

In such a competitive industry, user experience is vitally important. If there are roadblocks of any kind, new banking customers are more likely to abandon their journey and bank elsewhere. With access to a selection of comprehensive global data sources including mobile intelligence data, digital onboarding in banks is made quick, easy and incredibly secure for both you and your customers.

Address Verification

Improved experiences with verified customer details

Streamlining the customer journey has never been more important. Increase the accuracy and quality of the information stored in your databases and improve user experience during the onboarding journey with the help of our automated data capture solutions. Our solutions can help validate postal addresses, email addresses, social media IDs and phone numbers instantly, as well as provide existing bank account verification checks, reducing abandonment figures overnight.

Address Verification software | GBG

Why choose GBG

At GBG, we understand that user experience, identity security and fraud detection in banks are all paramount. That’s why we offer industry-leading identity, fraud and location intelligence solutions that are designed to help your organisation to deliver first-class customer experiences, while also ensuring you can verify the identity of everyone you do business with.

Our solutions can validate the details of almost anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. We also provide cutting edge technologies meaning all AML and KYC requirements for banks are met and both your customers and your organisation are safeguarded.

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