End-to-end fraud and AML solution

Transaction monitoring

Monitor transactions for fraud and money laundering risk in one easy-to-use platform. Simply configure your business risk thresholds, rules and workflows to combat financial crime and comply with AML regulations.

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Prevent fraud

Identify fraudulent behavioural patterns quickly with machine learning and rule-based detection, reducing fraud losses and keeping your business safe.

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Compliance coverage

Stay ahead of ever-changing global regulations with adaptable international monitoring solutions. Deliver AML compliance no matter where you operate in the world.  

Effective case management

Streamline your transaction monitoring operations through efficient case management processes and prioritise only critical alerts.

Prevent fraud effectively

Monitor suspicious transactions

Monitor unusual transactions or suspicious money transfers and stop sleeper fraud, "friendly" fraud, and fraud as a service. Employ advanced analytics and machine learning to identify patterns and safeguard both clients and your business.

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GBG Transaction Monitoring for Fraud Prevention

Deliver AML compliance

Automate AML transaction monitoring

Automate AML transaction monitoring, improve case management efficiency and reduce costs while keeping the criminals out of your business.

Scale your business globally

Configurable AML transaction rules

Effortlessly customise risk thresholds, create rules, and implement workflows that align with your AML needs. Stay ahead of ever-changing global regulations with adaptable and automated international monitoring solutions.

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Intuitive case management

Efficiently review high-risk alerts with streamlined case management

A configurable dashboard, with simplified view of alerts, visual link analysis and automated SAR e-filling with global regulators. Streamline your transaction monitoring operations through efficient case management processes and prioritise only critical alerts.

Holistic customer view

Understand your customers reputation beyond your own transactions

Get a complete picture of your customers with eDNA® reputational insights. Our platform calculates a trust score by analysing past interactions across our GBG Compliance network. This score keeps you updated on user reputations, making it easy to detect changes in behaviours that may otherwise be missed.

GBG Machine Learning for Fraud Prevention

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