Know your customer

Know your customer with fast, accurate and secure identity data verification.

Building customer relationships based on trust


Optimise customer onboarding with confidence

Our identity confidence calculation delivers a globally consistent metric from 0 to 1000, indicating the degree of confidence in a digital identity to help your business optimise customer onboarding.

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Verify customers quickly and compliantly worldwide

Data verification delivers a secure match and compliant checks in an instant, quickly identifying a genuine customer on the other side of the screen wherever they are in the world.

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Increase credit matches and customer pass rates

Scan the complete credit data universe to achieve enhanced KYC pass rates and gold standard due diligence, onboarding more good customers and growing your business at speed.

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Know exactly who you are dealing with

Protect your reputation and reduce exposure to high-risk individuals and businesses, screening for PEPS and sanctions and producing a robust, fully automated audit trail for regulators.

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GBG Identity Score

Move the dial on digital identity with the identity confidence metric that optimises your customer onboarding.

  • Match accuracy
  • Match integrity
  • Match count

Protect minors

Looking for age verification?

Make sure minors and your business are fully protected by swiftly and silently running age verification checks, safeguarding children from unsuitable content and age-restricted products, service and venues.

Financial checks

Concerned about affordability?

Safeguard your customers from spending beyond their means with financial risk checks designed to assess affordability; screening for signs of financial vulnerability, including bad debt and bankruptcy.

"Since adopting the GBG Multi Bureau solution for KYC checks, St James’s Place has improved its customer pass rate by 9%."
Gavin Welch, Deputy MLRO | St. James’s Place

Complete customer confidence

Build online customer relationships based on trust while keeping the fraudsters at bay.

Start building trust today

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