Nightclubs and Bars - ID Scanner

Step up your age and identity checking processes with innovative and high-quality nightclub and bar ID scanner software from GBG. Protect your customers and your licence using ID scanner system technology designed to detect and prevent underage individuals from entering your venue.

Know exactly who is using your venue, using ID card scanner technology to find out if an ID is genuine in a matter of seconds.

Scanner has operated in every major city in the UK since 2003

Reduce your risk of losing your licence

Detect and prevent individuals who are underage from entering your venue, in turn reducing your risk of facing large fines or worse, losing your licence.

Protect your reputation

By protecting yourself against losses, you’ll be protecting your reputation too.

Keep your customers safe

Clamp down on crime and keep your customers safe, making them feel comfortable and willing to return.


Tailored Identity Verification Hardware

Our ID scanner machine technology has been designed with your business in mind, to provide identification documents verification for individuals using your venue.

GBG Tailored Identity Verification Hardware



Why choose GBG

When it comes to data verification, we make the process as simple as possible. Our solutions can be implemented quickly, ensuring that your venue’s verification processes operate seamlessly so that you can focus on what matters the most - running your business.

Our Scannet and IDscan technology allow you to verify the identity of just about anyone who walks through your door, helping to improve the day-to-day running of your business, protecting your reputation and keeping your customer safe.

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