Tracing and identity investigation

Trace and investigate target identities along with their relevant connections and detect fraud early. With access to 1.5 billion data records and intelligent graph technology, our solutions help you locate individuals in minutes.

Quickly find, investigate and contact customers, safeguarding both you and your customers against fraud, identity theft and other criminal activity.

Trace individuals and understand associated relationships using our intuitive user interface

Detect complex financial crimes, synthetic ID frauds and more. Our identity investigation solutions utilise sophisticated data processing techniques which provide the most complete database you need to spot the relationships, connections and warning signs relating to an individual or organisation. We’re trusted by public and private organisations to ensure that their investigations never leave any stones unturned.

GBG Comprehensive ID Data Sources


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Crucial insights provided by powerful databases

With over 1.5 billion records and 830 million relationships powered with Apache Spark technology, our global data sources are unrivalled in the UK.

Sophisticated graph visualisation technology

Using cutting edge graph technology, our ID investigation solutions allow you to visualise an individual’s relevant relationships and connections and manage your investigation through a visual graph.

Specialist fraud databases

Access enhanced financial, property and fraud datasets which can help you to quickly validate or verify crucial personal information and add meat to the bones of your investigations.

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Simple user interfaces

Our solutions feature intuitive user interfaces that make keeping engaged with an investigation easy. Simple search and visualisation functions ensure it’s quick and easy to move through an investigation, confirm and save your output for records.

Automate your investigation workflow

The Investigate API will add efficiency and effectiveness to your investigations. Simply integrate the API into your existing data and systems to automate the investigation process. The Investigate API has been built from the ground up as a scalable Rest API, available whenever you need it. Achieve the benefits of a complete cloud solution.

Frequently asked questions

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Yes, the ‘My Data’ feature allows you to upload batch files including employee lists, known fraud red lists, VIP lists and more.  

No, we also have a powerful API that leverages the same data to assist you in your investigation or contact strategies.

You can have from one to over a thousand users depending on your investigation needs.

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