GBG’s Powerful UK Data Universe

Make decisive action based on fraud detection analytics and the UK’s most comprehensive database of individual, organisation and property information.

GBG Comprehensive ID Data Sources

Actionable insight powered by data

At GBG, our breadth and depth of individual, organisation and property-based data means your online fraud investigations are powered by billions of records with over 800 million connections to visualise.

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Discover fraudsters through their links

The combined power of the data in the GBG Universe means we can uncover more ‘known’ and ‘potential’ fraud links. This helps carry out the in-depth investigations you require quickly.

Link individuals to organisations

Thanks to smart fraud data visualisation methods, and using the UK’s most comprehensive fraud datasets, you can understand more about an individual and the organisations they are linked to all in one place.

Have full confidence in your investigations

The combined power of our data processing capabilities, our fraud data analytics techniques, and our impressive data sourcing methods means you can have confidence in your investigations’ data and the decisions you make.

Multi-platform data

Find and validate critical contact data within your investigations. From landline details to mobile phone and email address data, we have the most complete view of multi-platform contact data available in the UK.

GBG Multiple Data Sources

Enhanced property information

Our in-depth property and location data means you can understand enhanced detail on commercial and private properties in the UK, including vital links with individuals of interest, such as ownership details and purchase histories.

Negative datasets

Quickly spot negative indicators such as mortality, insolvency or CCJ records, allowing you to navigate and update investigations more quickly.

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GBG source data from a large number of trusted data sources in the UK using professional experts to verify the quality and authenticity of the data. We combine this data to create a truly unique database that provides quality information on individuals and their relationships with other people, organisations and property.

Data is core to GBG and our products. For this reason, we continue to add and enhance data to our Investigate platform to enable you to uncover more connections and have a better understanding and a clearer insight throughout your investigations.

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