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Build your investigation with your own business data for 360-degree data-linking discovery.

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360-degree data linking

GBG Investigate helps you build your investigation by securely combining your business’ customer, employee or fraud data with the billions of records in its database. Retain full privacy control of proprietary data while achieving 360-degree data-linking discovery of the identity, business or property under investigation.

Get the complete picture

Combine Investigate's extensive data records with your customer, employee or fraud data.

Display visual link analysis

Smart graph visualisation displays data-linking analysis to reveal clear lines of investigation.

Complete data compliance

Retain full data control and compliance for your business data while activating link analysis.

"GBG Investigate has helped us to detect and prevent tens or even hundreds of millions of pounds of fraud. "
Mr Lilburn, Operations Director | Cyber Defence Alliance


Secure data uploading

Securely add your business’ customer, employee or fraud data with Investigate’s easy-to-use My Data interface. The data you upload is private to your organisation and any users you give access to, so your business retains full control and compliance.

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Manage complex investigations

Manage large data uploads to your investigation via batch delivery for fast collection, and quickly drag and drop your business records into one of over 30 customisable search fields to begin data-linking analysis against GBG Investigate data sources.


Unlimited data uploads

Whether you have one million or one hundred million proprietary data records, the processing power of GBG Investigate ensures there is no limit on the amount of data you can upload to your investigation for link analysis.

Frequently asked questions

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No. Data you upload to GBG Investigate will only be visible to users in your organisation or other businesses and users granted access by you. You can also limit access to certain data, ensuring that you remain in control and operate in full data compliance.

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