My Data: Bespoke Customer Data Upload

Realise the power of your own data by uploading it to our Investigate platform and using it with smart fraud data analytics to tailor and accelerate your investigations.

Enhance your fraud investigations

By uploading your own datasets to GBG Investigate, you can combine it with our data intelligence to enhance your investigations. Upload information such as known fraud data, employee data, and customer relationship information to uncover hidden links as fast as possible.

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Discover hidden known fraud links

By uploading fraud datasets that are already available to your business, you can visualise and identify criminal activity quickly, allowing you to take decisive action immediately.

Visualise more connections

When you upload your own data to Investigate, it is enhanced by GBG’s data, meaning you can quickly understand connections held on file, making future data investigations quicker.

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Create a bespoke data visualisation solution

Any data you upload is private to your organisation and the users you allow access to. This puts you in complete control and allows you to build a powerful solution that is customised to your needs.

Simple and swift data uploads

The ‘My Data’ feature is easy and fast to use. Simply upload a folder or individual documents through the easy-to-use interface to add it to your Investigate database. 

Customisable fields for in-depth investigations

With over 30 customisable search fields, complicated investigation tasks are made easy. Simply drag and drop your uploaded files to easily map it against GBG held data in minutes.

No limits on data uploads

From one million to one hundred million records, the processing power of our Investigate platform means that there are no limits on the amount of data you can upload.

Frequently asked questions

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Simply put, no. The data that you upload will only be made visible to your organisation, and any other organisations or users that you grant access to. You can also control who in your organisation has access to certain data, giving you complete peace of mind that you are in control at all times and operating in full compliance.

The power of our data processing platforms means that we put no limit on the amount of records, files or other digital information that you can upload. This gives you ultimate flexibility and keeps you in control of all your investigations. 

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