Email Intelligence

Prevent transaction and application fraud by evaluating risks associated with the email address in real time. The predictive scoring model of Email Intelligence analyses the transactional and behavioural history of the email and provides a fraud risk score.

Why email?

Email is the unique global identifier. The email address is attached to all online and onboarding transactions. Research by the Data & Marketing Association concludes that 51% of people have held the same email address for over ten years. Therefore, email is rich in transactional and behavioural history that can help to prevent fraud and streamline the user experience.

A non-invasive and frictionless approach to fraud prevention

Email intelligence is a passive check which takes place in the background while customers sign-up for your services or transact within your app. It is a global service and doesn’t add friction to the onboarding process.

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A multi-layered approach to detecting & preventing fraud

Add Email Intelligence to your standard KYC and AML checks to make confident onboarding decisions and reduce fraud.

Automate and simplify your fraud prevention process

Email intelligence will help you reduce false positives that will significantly reduce manual reviews. Ultimately, it will help your teams to focus more on critical investigations. Email Intelligence will also improve your approval rates and the time it takes to approve the customers.

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Low cost with higher returns

Email intelligence checks are much cheaper than other fraud signal checks and offer rich insight into an identity. Access email intelligence through ID3Global API with no additional integration or development required.

Brand reputation

A higher percentage of fraud in the business creates reputational risks. Customers, banks and other stakeholders will feel insecure transacting with those businesses with a higher rate of chargebacks or fraud.

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