Biometrics Verification with Liveness

Prevent fraudsters who are impersonating an individual from being onboarded. Our liveness technology detects that there is a genuine presence on the other end of the device, and that they match the presented ID document.

Liveness facial recognition software | GBG

Extra protection for higher risk needs

Our Liveness checks provide that extra layer of protection for organisations that require a greater degree of certainty for their risk profile. Our biometrics-based liveness solution works with our FaceMatch technology. Liveness looks to prove that your customer is really there, rather than them just taking a photo

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Detect and deter fraud

Extra security layers provide greater peace of mind to ensure the customer is who they should be, and your business remains protected from fraud.

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Provide great customer experiences

As our software requires limited input by the user and facial features are instantly validated, customers can onboard quickly and compliantly.

Custom Risk Profiles

Liveness operates as a feature within your business’ risk-based approach and the number of steps that best suit your fraud risk profile.

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The power of AI and neural networks

In parallel to FaceMatch (where the face in the document is matched to the selfie), the Liveness feature requests the user carries out between one to seven steps to prove it’s them: smile, frown, tilt head left, tilt head right, tilt head back, tilt head forward and look straight ahead. The sequence is randomised so that fraudsters can’t prepare.

Technology that keeps pace with fraudsters

With fraud activity continuing to adapt and evolve, our identity data and document verification technology helps you fight identity fraud and maintain the advantage.

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