GBG Mobile Intelligence

Use mobile data to enable multiple identity verification and fraud prevention strategies.

GBG UK Mobile Identity Checks

Secure, powerful and reliable data

Adding mobile intelligence as an additional source of external data allows you to increase person match rates, identify fraud and securely authenticate users to deliver cost savings, new revenue opportunities and a frictionless, standout customer experience.


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Verify your customer

Reliably match your customer to their mobile device and get the extra confidence that you are dealing with a legitimate identity.

Reduce the costs of fraud

Verify your customers’ SIM and Call Forward status during transactions to reduce direct fraud costs and the ongoing cost of fraud prevention.

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Optimise customer experience

Smooth silent authentication plus secure user verification enables your real, trusted users to consume and transact without unnecessary barriers.

Reliable mobile identity verification and fraud prevention

A mobile number is personal to an individual and mobile is becoming the primary enabling platform in our lives. Knowing that a person is the owner of that number is a robust way of validating an identity and preventing synthetic identity fraud.

Mobile Identity Verification Checks by GBG
GBG Mobile Identity Verification Checks

Comprehensive coverage and easy to access

We provide multiple European country coverage with 100% operator coverage in the UK and France. Access to mobile intelligence data is available through a web-based solution or a single integrated API.

What does a mobile operator
check give me?

Our mobile operator check is split into four key services:

Mobile-to-Person Match (MPM)™

Match the name, address and date of birth of your customer to the information held by their mobile operator.

SIM Swap

Receive the date and time of the last time the SIM card was changed on your customer’s mobile account.

Call Forward

Receive notification of whether a mobile account currently has call forwarding set to direct inbound calls to another number.

Number Verify

A seamless, silent authentication tool that enables you to verify that your customer is in possession of their mobile device at the time of a transaction.

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