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Search all major credit bureaux to maximise matches and increase your customer pass rate.

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Pass more customers first time

Double credit header customer matches are the gold standard of due diligence for regulated businesses. A comprehensive search of a prospective customer's complete credit footprint, across multiple credit bureaux, boosts the number of matches, passing more customers without the need for further checks.

Increase customer pass rates

Increase customer matches and first-time pass rates with a single search of multiple credit bureaux.

Complete customer onboarding faster

Welcome new customers and grow your business faster without further, high-friction identity checks.

Ensure every 2+2 counts

Automatically de-duplicate credit bureau records so only genuine double credit header matches count.


Customer onboarding in seconds

Multi Bureau examines your prospective customer's complete credit footprint through a single API call, delivering more 2+2 matches and increasing the flow of customers passing straight through onboarding at speed.


One, complete credit search

Search all major credit bureaus, boost your pass rates and onboard more good customers with a single solution, a single contract and a simple, cost-saving approach to completing customer due diligence.

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Duplicate credit records don’t count

Multi Bureau searches all major credit bureaux using intelligent algorithms to automatically filter out duplicate account records and focus on unique double credit header matches that complete your KYC checks.


Configured to your business

Multi Bureau can be configured to match your business' risk-based approach to customer to customer due diligence at onboarding, with options to select and deselect certain types of accounts in searches.

"CurrencyFair used GBG Multi Bureau to boost match rates by 21% – and onboard more customers, more quickly. "
Mark Reynolds, Senior Product Manager | CurrencyFair

Frequently asked questions

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No single credit bureau can claim access to all consumer credit history; consumer credit records may be held on one bureau but not another, or in some cases by more than one. Multi Bureau ensures the broadest possible searches to maximise unique matches and increase your KYC pass rate.

Businesses using Multi Bureau typically see a first-time pass rate improvement of between 5 and 10%.

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