Mobile authentication

Mobile-to-Person match

Verify your customer's identity and authenticate their presence at the time of transaction.

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Smart security in a mobile world

With more than six billion mobile users worldwide, our smartphone is now an extension of our identity. In fact, a unique mobile number is often the only ID for younger, thin-file customers. Matching Mobile-to-Person is a fast and secure method of identity verification which silently authenticates your customer’s presence at the time of transaction.

Increase customer match rates

Match your customer’s name, address and date of birth to the data held by their mobile operator.

Authenticate customer presence

Passively confirm your customer is in possession of their mobile device at the time of transaction.

Detect smartphone identity fraud

Receive notification of mobile fraud signals, including recent SIM swap and call-forwarding status.


Onboard hard-to-match customers

Reliably Mobile-to-Person match younger and thin-file customers with a smaller credit history or hard-to-verify digital identity, using identity data held by their mobile operator. 

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Secure customer presence check

mCommerce drives most transactions in the world today, so this smart fraud prevention strategy swiftly and silently checks that the mobile device is not lost or stolen and that the number is genuine.

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Detect mobile fraud signals

Receive alerts to common account takeover scams that rely on SIM card swapping or call forwarding to divert inbound calls or messages to another device, intercepting one-time passcodes.

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Frequently asked questions

Existing customers, get in touch with our Customer Support team.

Switching on mobile operator data checks is simple, using a web-based solution or a single API integrating checks to your customer platform.

We offer full mobile operator coverage in the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany and Spain as well as extensive coverage in many other European countries.

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