The Global Fraud Report 2024

Burnt out and bombarded

Exposing the harsh realities of fraud impact on businesses and their teams.

Fraud can seem like an unstoppable machine

As fraud reaches industrial levels, breaking out across businesses, sectors and breaching national boundaries, the consequences can be very human. Seventy-five per cent of fraud professionals have experienced burnout in their job due to the rising levels of fraud.

Laura Barrowcliff

Head of Trust, GBG

We surveyed fraud professionals around the world

We surveyed a cross-sectoral sample of over 1,200 senior fraud prevention, risk and compliance professionals from across the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

The Global Fraud Report 2024 delivers a universal view of current fraud trends impacting business across sectors with unique insights into local nuances around the world.


are worried about the industrialisation of fraud

have seen a significant increase in the sophistication of fraud attacks in the past 12 months

believe cross-sector collaboration on identity intelligence sharing can help to defeat fraud

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