Document assurance

Make sure the document presented can be trusted and spot the signs of counterfeits, fakes and forgeries.

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Complete ID protection with tamper detection

A picture may appear in the correct location on an ID, but is it the image that was placed there by the issuing authority? Tamper detection is an important security measure for document-centric identity proofing which tests if the identity document presented can be trusted or has been modified after issue.

Detect document tampering

Detect digital and physical identity document tampering to protect against ID fakes and forgeries.

Complete global protection

Deliver document assurance and complete audit trail in 196 countries and territories worldwide.

Prevent identity fraud

Get definitive customer identity proofing results with protection against counterfeit documents.


Detect digital recapture and editing

Our identity proofing securely tests identity image metadata for evidence of image recapture as well as the tell-tale signs of digital manipulation, such as, sensor noise, image compression and chromatic aberration. 


Complete document compliance

We deliver secure document assessment and tamper detection with a global library of identity document templates comprising 196 countries and territories and a complete identity proofing compliance audit trail. 

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Detect physical document tampering

Our identity proofing software also runs checks for physical tampering and modifications to an identity document, including photo substitution, text manipulation as well as physical document presence. 

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