GBG ID3global

Verify the identity of 4.4 billion citizens worldwide

We can help you ensure that the customer data you process is accurate and up to date. You can rest assured that an individual is who they say they are. GBG ID3global helps you stay compliant by enabling you to only select the data you require access to, and to create profiles to focus the check you wish to complete.

GBG ID3global is PCI-DSS compliant.

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Introducing GBG ID3global

GBG ID3global can verify the identity of almost anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. Impressed? You will be. And so will your customers. Get onboarding right, and you’ll impress them from day one. But there’s so much more. In ever-growing international markets you can’t afford to have weak links in your approach to risk and fraud. And you won’t. We get that one size doesn’t fit all. We know organisations vary by location, markets, size, sector, and processes. So a single, prescriptive approach to identity verification just doesn’t exist. Which is why GBG ID3global offers a wide portfolio of ID checks which can be combined or used individually to suit the individual needs of your business:

In a nutshell, GBG ID3global will help you

Tackle the growing problems of identity fraud and money laundering
Check if your customers are who they say they are
Ensure your business is compliant with regulations
Improve operational efficiency within your business, saving time and resource

Why use GBG ID3global?


GBG ID3global is a fully configurable rules platform, on which you can build profiles to automate accept, decline and refer decisions. This means wherever your consumer is, whichever channel they choose, and whichever jurisdictions your business may operate, one single connection provides global validation.

Global trading

If you’re trading cross-border you may require different ID profiles based on where the consumer is located and the information available for validation. Depending on the channels you transact through and the locations of your entities, you may require different profiles based on the regulatory environment.

Universal compliance

Meet global regulatory requirements. We assist in meeting the AML practises of the dozens of markets in which we operate, as well as the regulated gaming markets. All ID checks are stored in an online audit trail, accessible for reference whenever you need them

Improve operational efficiency

Choose instantly whether to accept a new customer based on accurate data and on your own rules and attitude to risk. Plus, make better strategic decisions – and create profitable new business models, which can help you to enter new markets with clarity and confidence.

A fully customisable solution

GBG ID3global can be tailored and scaled specifically to your businesses needs, practices and approach to risk.

Resilient technology

Achieving the highest levels of data security standards, providing confidence to all organisations working with us. Our data centres are fully protected for disaster recovery - there’s no single point of failure.

Hear what our customers have to say about GBG ID3global

GBG ID3global has been reliable and our pass rate for new sitter registrations is excellent. We can always manually check documents if needed. It’s a robust, rapid efficient process – and a slick customer experience too.


GBG ID3global fitted our needs best and the option to add international searches in future was attractive. But what really sold it to us initially was the GBG team’s expertise. Every question we asked them, they answered in great detail. The other suppliers’ demos were slick but we made a decision that GBG were a better fit for Jordans.

Jordans Group

I immediately liked the look and feel of GBG’s portal application and the fact that we could quickly integrate their service into the back-end of our online client application. Their road map for software and data development was also global rather than just UK-focused, which was particularly attractive. Their ability to expand out to any country absolutely made a difference for us.

Admiral Markets

We use GBG’s service as part of KYC and to be compliant with industry regulations including FCA, CySec and ASIC. But with Loqate and GBG ID3global working together, there are so many more benefits than just ticking boxes.


It was a very straightforward integration and the IT team found GBG easy to work with. The service has also been completely and utterly reliable which is essential for us as a 24/7 online business.


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