What it does

Make it easier for your customers to sign up for your products and services. And safer for you to sign them up. With GBG ID3global, you can verify the identity of almost anyone at any time, anywhere in the world. 

With our verification technology, you can tackle the growing problems of identity fraud and money laundering. You can check your customers are who they say they are with reference data for more than 4 billion people around the world.

As a result, you can impress your customers, protect your business and comply with regulations.

The benefits of GBG ID3global

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    Verify the identity of more than half the world’s population

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    Use scores of sources – all brought together in a single, powerful platform

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    Check identity, date of birth, address and much, much more – all in real time

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    Verify identity against postal address, utility data, credit information and more on individuals across every continent

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    Meet and exceed regulatory requirements

How it works

Great for your business +


  • Protect your business and meet your compliance obligations – quickly and in the background, so nothing gets in the way of signing up customers
  • Decide instantly who those desirable customers are


  • Sign up more high quality customers: many GBG clients have increased acquisition rates by 15%
  • Replace manual systems with electronic verification and you can reduce your application processing costs by over 70%
  • Reduce fraud, understand risk and prevent loss – quickly and efficiently

Customisable +


  • Tailor and scale things to your specific needs and practices
  • Dictate the scoring
  • Determine the database and checks to use
  • Control the configuration in real time
  • Set the geographies
  • Choose the security policies
  • Decide the risk levels


  • Make your own rules: you can find combinations or use individual modules in GBG ID3global’s wide portfolio of ID checks in a way that best suits your organisation
  • Show you’re in control and clearly demonstrate how you achieve it, so as to demonstrate transparency in your decision making and meet your compliance obligations

Show you’ve been thorough +


  • Store all ID checks in an online audit trail that’s always available for your reference 


  • Show regulators clearly how you’ve onboarded your customers

Additional features

Fully configured implementations of GBG ID3global include these add-on modules:

Document image validation +


  • Run template checks to ensure the document is a recognised identity proof, taken with a recognised piece of equipment and/or software and from a recognised location
  • Run integrity checks to ensure the information is valid and consistent with the true identity of the individual>
  • Run structural checks to ensure the information and elements of the document are correctly positioned and shown


  • Match documents to individuals to reduce fraud
  • Improve speed and efficiency – check takes just seconds to complete
  • Protect your reputation – reduces the risks of global business
  • Reduce errors/friction – by doing away with manual checks
  • Make your process scalable – with no adverse effect on quality of results

Politically exposed persons +


  • Access a broad portfolio of PEP information sourced and multi-verified from hundreds of reliable global data partners – over 180,000 names from 200 countries with historical data going back to 1989


  • Identify and screen high risk individuals
  • Comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and combat fraud
  • Conduct detailed investigations and monitor on an ongoing basis

Sanctions +


  • Ensure that any individual who is known to be a high risk customer will be flagged at the point of registration 


  • Comply with AML regulations

Bank account validation and verification +


  • Validate customer-entered bank-account details and sort codes
  • Eliminate failed payments and associated bank charges
  • Verify that the name and address details of the bank account owner match those entered by the customer
  • Set up an alert for any attempted entry of a given sort code and/or account number


  • Check bank account, name, and address details against the latest reference data – online and in real time
  • Ensure you resolve payment-related issues immediately rather than later on when it will cost you more

Client testimonials

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