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Grow your business at speed with gold standard compliance; Multi Bureau scans the entire credit data universe to boost your pass rates and bring you more good customers.

Grow your business

Giving direct access to all three major UK credit bureaus, Multi Bureau delivers more double credit header customer matches, the gold standard of KYC and AML checks, so you can pass more customers ‘straight through’ at speed with no further checks.

CurrencyFair used GBG Multi Bureau to boost match rates by 21% – and onboard more customers, more quickly
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Customer onboarding in seconds

Onboard customers with a seamless, speedy experience, eliminating friction from your customer journey and reducing dropouts, while keeping your business compliant and secure with a 100% customer decision you can reference in granular detail.

Gold standard compliance

Each customer ‘credit event’, like a loan or mortgage application, appearing in a Multi Bureau search is unique. Our de-duping technology removes duplicate events from different credit bureaus, making the multiple matches you want and not the duplicate matches you don’t.

GBG Multi Bureau

Configurable risk profile

Multi Bureau can be tailored to fit any risk-based approach. With a completely configurable selection of credit headers to choose from and no time-consuming document scans, you can onboard more good customers to your business without ever compromising on compliance.

Simple set-up and cost savings

Multi Bureau is easy to set up and the fastest route to bring more good customers to your product or service. Meanwhile, your business benefits from a simple, single vendor relationship and just one contract with a clear, cost-saving pricing structure.

Identity verification API integration with GBG

Frequently asked questions

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No, Multi-Bureau is available through the same API as all other ID verification checks; ID3global. Therefore no additional integration work is needed to start using this service.

We do more than simply bring results back from three credit bureaus. It exposes the types of credit held by that customer within each Bureau’s databases and then de-duplicates these to give genuine independent matches of that individual. If our clients require a dual-source ID verification, we allow independent matches from both Bureaus to be combined into a single result, with the assurance that multiple matches are unique.

We give full transparency for how that result has been generated and our clients can configure their scoring and decision bands precisely to match their requirements.

Many financial organisations share data with all bureaus however some may only share with one or two, which means a person’s credit record may be held on one but not the other. Using two bureaus through a single solution gives coverage across the UK population and also maximises the results you can get from this data by combining multiple independent matches, as described in the previous question. We typically see pass rates improve by 5 to 10% when our clients implement Multi-Bureau.

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