Affordability screening for gambling operators

Protect players from gambling beyond their means and enhance your commitment to responsible gambling.

Affordability Checks | Affordability Screening Software | GBG

Safeguard customer spending

Without affordability screening, all you really know about a player is their name, age, and address. With our Affordability Solution, you can know much more; including potential markers of harm, including bad debt and bankruptcy.

Best in class

Get a complete view of affordability with individual affordability indicators and geo-affordability.

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Minimal friction

Minimise friction for players with affordability checks that run in the background in real-time.

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One-stop shop

GBG Affordability Solution works alongside our age verification & AML solutions with one API & one audit trail.

Geo-affordability indicators

Assess a player’s risk of gambling beyond their means based on postcode-level data, such as their area’s average property values and typical negative financial indicators.

Affordability Checks  | GBG
Affordability Checks for Gambling | GBG

Income verification and affordability indicators

Get a red, amber, green affordability status for individual players based on financial stress indicators including recent county court judgements (CCJs), involuntary agreements (IVAs) and debt collector searches.

Tailored risk-based approach

Use either of our two affordability checks separately or layer them according to your organisation’s risk-based approach.

Gambling Affordability Checks | Affordability Screening Software | GBG
Affordability Checks for Gambling Operators

Connected capabilities

GBG’s Affordability Solution works hand in hand with our age verification and AML capability to help you meet your Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations, all via a single API and with a single, robust audit trail.

Frequently asked questions

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We have collaborated with the Regulator, Trade Associations, Charities and Operators, to meet Operator challenges. In one single integration your players get instant access to their gambling account. You player safety team can trust that only good players are onboarded and allowed to gamble, at day 1 and beyond. And you can fully configure the solution to be flexible to your risk-based approach, while being able to dig deep into the data for full auditing transparency.

Operators get a cost-effective and user-friendly solution to fully control the player affordability process, enabling you to fully comply with tightening regulations, while maintaining an excellent level of customer experience.

Our affordability solution is designed to offer operators the most complete view of player affordability while still onboarding customers quickly and offering a great experience.

No additional integration required for existing customers, access to 6 separate data elements that can be used to create detailed affordability models.

As with many of our products, it harnesses our fantastic data partnerships to provide insight that customers either can’t access or don’t have the time and resources to access.

Our affordability solution has two components; both of which offer unique affordability insights and become more powerful when used together.

The first assesses player affordability at a postcode level. It looks at the average value of properties in a player’s postcode area, and the typical number of County Court Judgements (CCJs) people who live there have. This gives operators a good sense of what a player can afford.

The second component assesses affordability at an individual level, giving operators a red/amber/green affordability status by looking at a player’s recent financial history (including individual level CCJs, debt collection and credit searches) to check for affordability concerns.

Each operator has a different risk-based approach therefore GBG can adapt to meet each individual Operator’s needs.

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