Ongoing monitoring for PEPs and sanctions

How well do you know your customers after they’ve been onboarded?

GBG Ongoing Monitoring Peps Sanctions

Critical protection from high-risk individuals

You’ve done your initial KYC checks but what happens on day two and beyond? The Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) states; “Firms must conduct ongoing monitoring of the business relationship with their customers.” With global politically exposed persons (PEPs) and sanction lists changing daily, staying up to date with these changes means giving your business better protection from high-risk individuals and the fines they bring.

Flexible matching logic thresholds

Quickly and easily adapt to global regulatory changes by setting your own matching logic thresholds in line with your risk-based approach.

Quickly discount false positives

False positives are easily analysed and discounted within one screen so that your team can focus their time on identifying and processing actual customer risks.

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Web-based solution for quick deployment

The web-based batch-upload solution gives you flexibility to integrate this KYC compliance best practice without needing IT or developer support. Simply log in and get started.

Access to 4+ million profiles and thousands of data sources

In addition, our ongoing monitoring solution also gives MLROs and compliance teams millions of highly-current and relevant media articles categorised for quick reference, and all stored as PDFs rather than live links, so your audit trail is water-tight.

GBG Multiple Data Sources
GBG Automate Ongoing Monitoring Checks

Automate your ongoing monitoring

Stay compliant and save time by automatically sending customers from initial screening to monitoring, with complete flexibility. Removing manual batch processing means you can schedule your ongoing monitoring checks as often as you like - even daily, and be confident that you’re fully compliant while focussing on growing your business.

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Technology and intelligence at your fingertips

An intuitive user interface and robust workflows mean using our Ongoing Monitoring solution gives you the technology and intelligence to effectively reduce your business exposure to high-risk customers. You can flag any individuals or businesses on the Sanctions/PEP lists while further verifying disqualified directors, obtain adverse media or create a detailed investigation.

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Full risk profile customization

Our OGM solution supports your risk-based approach by enabling different portfolios of risk to be monitored at different frequencies. Quickly and easily adapt to changes in the global regulatory landscape with intuitive workflows enabling you to set your own matching logic thresholds in line with your risk-based approach.

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We cover 38 different countries and 5 regions with the greatest breadth and depth of in-country identity verification data. You can see our full coverage here.

We utilise data from 187 independent governing bodies, national and international sanction lists and the most comprehensive model that meets regulator legislation.

Yes we do, our automated ongoing monitoring check can be carried out at the point of onboarding or at a later point.

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