Onboarding customers

Smooth digital customer onboarding creates the best first impression of your business, converting prospects to valued customers. Our onboarding solutions deliver customer identity and location verification in a seamless and secure experience that does not compromise on compliance.

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Securely verify the identity of all customers to ensure you work with as many ‘good’ customers as possible, keeping fraudsters out and remaining fully compliant in the process.

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Speedy and hassle-free

Designed not to hinder your onboarding process or impact customer experience, our identity verification checks are quick and hassle-free.

Simple for your customers

Easy to understand, our seamless solutions ensure customers do not become frustrated with needlessly complicated and slow onboarding checks.

Convenient and totally paperless

Customers can complete onboarding and get up and running no matter where they are located or what time it is due to our digital-first solutions.

Frictionless Identity Data Verification

Verify identities delivering a first class experience

Verify your customer’s identity, age and bank account details quickly and without friction. With access to an unrivalled selection of comprehensive global data sources which are updated daily, onboarding good customers whilst detecting and blocking fraudsters at the point of digital onboarding is both simple and quick.

Graphic illustrating identity data verification checks
Graphic illustrating smartphone scanning identity card for verification

Document verification made simple

Fast and secure document authentication for happy customers

Our digital identity verification solutions use biometric liveness checks, FaceMatch and Smart Capture technology, and human forensic document experts to onboard  customers, ensuring you can trust who you are dealing with and preventing fraud before it becomes an issue. 

Real-time Address Verification and Geocoding

Deliver exceptional customer experiences

Capture any address in the world and build faster, more accurate digital journeys, or verify and enhance address data for the highest levels of quality and accuracy. Combine with email and mobile validation and this is one powerhouse solution.

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Graphic illustrating detection of application fraud

Expert Application Fraud Detection

Stopping threats early in the process

From the first point of customer contact, our application fraud solution will flag any signs of potential risk such as first party fraud, synthetic ID fraud, account takeover.

Why choose GBG

We understand how important the onboarding process is. Customers nowadays demand and expect to be able to sign up for your product or service quickly and start using it immediately. However, delivering this has to be balanced with the correct identity verification processes that ensure your business is safeguarded and remains fully compliant. Our intelligent onboarding solutions can be integrated into your existing processes quickly and easily, ensuring your business only gets genuine customers through the door and blocks fraudsters, without impacting customer experience.

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