Fraud and Risk Professionals

Our industry-leading solutions ensure that professionals tasked with fraud detection and compliance risk management are equipped with the tools to keep their business and its customers secure, while also remaining fully compliant.

GBG for fraud risk management roles

Identity crime takes place when a fraudster spots an operational weakness in your business and exploits it. Our fraud and risk detection, including digital identity verification and KYC checks quickly and accurately make fraud prevention simple.

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Build trust with customers

Safeguard your business and its customers with state-of-the-art fraud prevention and digital identity verification solutions that also help you to uphold a reputation as a trustworthy company.

Revolutionise your whole anti-fraud process

Combine multiple solutions to create a bespoke end-to-end fraud management process that works for your business. From identity verification to KYC checks, AML monitoring, and PEPs/Sanctions detection, we’ve got you covered.

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Provide frictionless customer experiences

As a fraud and risk professional, keeping your business secure is key. Our solutions allow you to do this without compromising on customer experience thanks to our frictionless, comprehensive and bespoke identity fraud risk management software.

Know your customer

Essential KYC checks

Fraud and risk professionals need to ensure their organisation knows exactly who they are doing business with. Our Know Your Customer checks makes sure you know who is on the other side of the screen, making sure you remain compliant every step of the way.

GBG Know Your Customer for Fraud Prevention
Anti Money Laundering prevention software | GBG

Anti-money laundering

Comprehensive AML checks

Money laundering is a growing global problem that impacts multiple industries. Help prevent criminal activity from occurring by implementing successful anti-money laundering checks, including international PEPs and Sanctions detection, to make sure the customers you onboard are safe and trustworthy.

Identity Document Verification

Rapid identity document verification

From smart biometric checks to access to our specialised team of Forensic Document Experts, fraud and risk professionals can build their own digital identity verification processes based on cutting edge document verification methods.

Why choose GBG

At GBG, we take fraud and risk management seriously. Regardless of the size of your business or what industry it operates in, our unrivalled selection of identity, fraud and location intelligence solutions are designed to help all fraud and risk professionals keep their business and its customers safe.

Our tailored fraud prevention solutions integrate into your existing systems effortlessly. Keeping your business safeguarded without impacting customer experience is made simple, while remaining 100% compliant has never been easier.

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