Operations and Logistics Professionals

Accuracy, speed and security are essential to business operations. Our customer onboarding software, ID verification services, and fraud prevention tools ensure your operations and logistics professionals are equipped with the solutions needed to keep your business secure, while also delivering exceptional experiences, no matter where customers are located.

GBG services for operation and logistics professionals

Onboarding costs UK businesses £200 million a year. Our address capture software can reduce onboarding errors and subsequent failed delivery rates by up to 70%, while our identity verification software can ensure a secure and frictionless onboarding process.

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Increase data accuracy

Our onboarding solutions help operations professionals and their businesses ensure all customer details are 100% accurate, improving conversion rates and reducing logistic errors.

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Improve customer satisfaction

Our solutions make onboarding customers not only secure, but also quick and simple. Create a frictionless experience, keep customers happy and streamline your operations in the process.

Remain 100% compliant

Operations and logistics professionals need to ensure their businesses meet regulatory requirements. From fraud detection software to ID verification and data capture tools, our solutions help to keep you fully compliant at all times.

Address verification

Cutting edge data capture solutions

Improve customer experience and minimise costly human imputing errors at the onboarding stage. Our automated data capture solutions can validate postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and more, ensuring maximum accuracy is achieved.

GBG Address verification solution
Address Verification software | GBG

Address verification

Optimised checkout solutions

Reduce the amount of customer input needed at the checkout stage with the help of our address verification Loqate solution. This reduces costly delivery errors and improves customer experience.

Identity data verification

Comprehensive identity data checks

With access to a superb selection of global data sources, verifying the identities of customers during onboarding is made quick and simple. Our identity verification solutions ensure you and your business remain secure and compliant.

Identity data verification solution | GBG

Why choose GBG

At GBG, we understand that when it comes to operations and logistics, well-integrated and user-friendly processes are paramount. That’s why our selection of identity, fraud and location intelligence solutions are designed to help operations and logistics professionals to keep their businesses secure, while also maintaining excellent customer service levels.

From our unrivalled data capture solutions to our smart identification verification methods, when you partner with us, keeping your customers secure, your business compliant, and your processes as customer friendly as possible has never been easier.

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