Bank Account Verification Software

Instant validation at customer registration to immediately detect fraud and prevent losses

Bank Account Verification Software by GBG

Avoid delays, bank fees & identity fraud

Our bank account verification software instantly validates sort codes, accounts and address details at registration, reducing delays because of incorrect information and helping you fight identity fraud by confirming that the account details really do belong to that customer.

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Improved customer experience

Review bank details provided by your customers at the point of onboarding to ensure a safe, secure and smooth onboarding.

Real-time checking

Instantly vet account information to avoid delays to the onboarding process whilst stopping fraudsters at the front door.

Save on costs

Reduce admin costs and payment errors with faster and more secure payments occurring first time round.

Keeping your money flowing

Whether you’re trying to detect fraudulent activity or simple human error, you need to be sure that customers are providing you with full and accurate bank account details.

Our verification software instantly validates sort codes, accounts and address details at registration, ensuring that you and your customers aren't delayed because of incorrect information.

Bank Account Verification Software | GBG
GBG Bank Account Verification Software

Wider Application

In addition to bank account verification, we offer a whole portfolio of other ID checks, all of which meet global regulatory requirements.

Work with us and we’ll tailor an individual identity verification solution that’s robust, reliable, and that assists with your compliance requirements.

Frequently asked questions

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Our mobile operator check covers the top 4 UK operators plus virtual network operators.

All of our identity verification checks are available through a web-based solution or an integrated API.

A bank account verification check confirms that the name and address provided matches the account number and sort code details provided.

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