Meeting compliance

KYC? AML? Managing ever-changing regulatory requirements can be tricky. Our award-winning identity verification and fraud prevention solutions make compliance easy, delivering complete regulatory protection.

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Age verification, Politically exposed persons (PEPs), Anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. Complete and all-encompassing regulatory protection.

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Avoid regulatory fines

Avoid non-compliance penalty fines, improving your reputation and maximising your bottom line.

Protect your brand

Safeguard not only your customers, but also your reputation from compliance failings.

Earn trust

Show the world you’re doing everything possible to protect your existing customers.

Identity Data Verification

Stop fraudsters in their tracks

Our compliance software grants your business access to various comprehensive global data sources which are updated daily. This helps to ensure fraudsters are stopped early and all AML and KYC compliance requirements are carried out correctly.

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Identity Document Verification

Compliance driven document authentication

For optimum compliance monitoring purposes, we use a range of document verification techniques, from FaceMatch technology and biometric liveness checks to Smart Capture technology and human forensic document experts.

Application Fraud

Real-time fraud prevention

Onboard legitimate customers with our precise risk assessment and decisioning solutions. Designed to offer flexibility, advanced capabilities support a future-proofed approach to guard against complex fraud typologies and modern financial crimes 4.0 incursions.

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Transactional Fraud

Transactional Fraud Monitoring

With smart scoring algorithms, monitor and analyse behaviours during transactions as an added wall of defence for your business. Use machine learning and rule-based detection to identify fraudulent behavioural patterns and recognise new financial crimes before they impact your business.

Identity Match + Full Risk Assessment

Matches individual's identity, confirms they have no connection to anyone associated with AML, plus a comprehensive risk assessment of all transactions for total scrutiny.

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At GBG, we are experts when it comes to helping your business remain fully compliant with all relevant areas of identity verification, KYC, AML and anti-fraud regulation. Our intelligent solutions have been designed to protect your business and customers. They help to make sure you avoid regulatory fines triggered by non-compliance and ensure you are able to build a good reputation as an organisation that takes care of its customers and clients. No matter what industry your business operates in, our smart solutions can be easily integrated into your existing processes, allowing for additional protection against fraud, full KYC and AML compliance and a frictionless customer experience.

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