Money Exchange

Serve more customers, fast

  • Speedy transactions

    Reduce your queue times and keying errors, helping you provide a world-class customer experience that sets you apart from the rest.

  • Assist with compliance

    Protect yourself against money laundering and reduce the risk of breaching AML regulations. Access customer information centrally, with a full audit trail.

  • Happier customers

    Enjoy repeat trade from satisfied customers. Build up your reputation as being the go-to place for travel money or money transfer when customers are in a rush.

Authenticate your customer’s ID in seconds

We all hate queues, so why let your customers stand in one at your bureaux? The less time your customers spend waiting to buy their travel money or to make a money transfer, the more likely they’ll be to choose you again in the future.

Speed up your transactions and serve more customers using real-time document authentication

Reduce keying errors with automated data entry in seconds, and reference previous transactions to make your processes even quicker. Be confident you’re assisting with AML compliance, and protect your organisation from potential fines.

Helping money exchange organisations quickly and easily authenticate customer ID documents

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Get in touch using the form below, or call us on 01244 657005 to learn how our document verification solutions help you verify your customers quickly, whilst assisting with your compliance needs.

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