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Get a 100% decision rate with additional document checking carried out by a dedicated team of experts.

Forensic document examination by GBG

Forensic Document Examiners

Changing customer behaviours, complex regulation and sophisticated fraudsters make it harder to do business. Our Forensic Document Examiners support simple, secure and compliant experiences for your customers worldwide to ensure continued business growth.

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Document verification in less than 2 minutes

Classify and authenticate any identity document in the world with confidence and in just 2 minutes.

Global fraud prevention

Add an extra layer of defence against fraud and demonstrate KYC, AML and GDPR compliance.

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Smooth and quick onboarding

Onboard more good customers create an experience that fosters long-term relationships.

Human expertise for complete and robust verification

Trained to CIFAS standards, Forensic Document Experts (FDE) provide a comprehensive knowledge of identity documents for complete confidence and reassurance. Our FDE team also researches identity documents to stay up to date with the market and evolving identity fraud techniques.

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Document authentication software - GBG

The largest document authentication library

Featuring both native and web SDKs, our platform is both configurable and integrable with your apps and backend Each biometric chip also contains a portrait photograph of the holder that has a higher resolution than the one printed in the document, making it suitable for FaceMatching which helps reduce look-alike fraud.

Frequently asked questions

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Optical Character Recognition is the identification of printed characters via an electronic device or software.

The analysis may return a refer result if we are unable to authenticate the document. The most common reasons for this are low quality, cropped document, high glare or shadowing.

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