Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology

Replace tedious form-filling with near-instant and 100% accurate data extraction and eliminate document fraud completely with NFC technology.

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Happy customers and regulators

Extract identity data from RFID-chipped documents in an instant with absolute accuracy and eliminate the need for users to fill in registration forms and preventing input errors, not only reassuring customers that you care about their security but helping keep regulators satisfied too.

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Near-instant and 100% accurate

Prove an identity document’s certificate is genuine and have greater confidence in the users you’re onboarding with assurance that data and documents come from authoritative sources.

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Simple, slick onboarding experiences

Verify the authenticity and information on a document’s digitally-signed RFID chip in a matter of seconds with 100% personal identity information extraction accuracy that means no more refers because of mistyped information.

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Reduce the risk of fraud

Our identity software performs multiple cross-checks across the biometric chip, ID document visible area and portrait photo. Couple this with Liveness and you’ve got a robust identity verification journey.

Strong Compatibility

Compatible with over 500 different Android smartphones, and all recent iPhones have been successfully tested from iOS 13 onwards.

Graphc of devices and compatibility for near field communication technology
Illustration of identity verification platform with NFC technology

Flexible Technology

Featuring both native and web SDKs, our platform is both configurable and integrable with your apps and backend Each biometric chip also contains a portrait photograph of the holder that has a higher resolution than the one printed in the document, making it suitable for FaceMatching which helps reduce look-alike fraud.

Best-in-class Anti-Fraud

Powered by ReadID, our complex cryptography immediately provides results allowing your anti-fraud alerts to be faster and even more robust.

Graphic illustrating multiple fraud checks for NFC

Frequently asked questions

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An NFC document is an RFID-chipped document, these are normally issued by Governments and can be a passport or identity card.

Our NFC feature is compatible with Android and iOS 13 onwards.

The analysis may return a refer result if we are unable to authenticate the document. The most common reasons for this are low quality, cropped document, high glare or shadowing.

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