Investigation Studio

Quickly and easily access your scanned documents in a secure, single platform and rest assured you’re compliant with a full audit trail.

GBG Investigation Studio

A simple to use historical repository to aid productivity and make faster decisions

GBG’s specialist investigation studio plays a valuable role in streamlining your business processes and the successful onboarding of customers.

Clear Audit Trails

A platform and experience that clearly demonstrates ‘the why’ behind decisions made through single api or web.

Confidence with compliance

Full transparency and visibility of potential fraud flags.

Flexible set-up options

Our Investigation Studio is available as a web-based solution or integrated API. Your employees will have access to all of the data captured in an application, and be able to see the results of the security checks we perform of the ID document image.

Flexible ID verification setup with GBG
Identity datasets at your finger tips - GBG

Information at your fingertips

You will be able to review the details of the ID document that was submitted and the segments used for OCR Authentication results, including reference images of genuine samples for the same document type.

Frequently asked questions

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Yes, our investigation studio enables you to quickly and easily access your scanned documents in a single, secure platform.

Our investigation studio is available either as a web-based solution or an integrated API.

The analysis may return a refer result if we are unable to authenticate the document. The most common reasons for this are low quality, cropped document, high glare or shadowing.

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