Fraud Prevention

Stop fraud in under 5 seconds

  • Beat the fraudsters

    To detect fraud, you need to get as close as possible to the security features of your customer’s ID document. We can can tell you in less than 5 seconds whether that document appears authentic or not. We work closely with international fraudulent document units and use unique identity document validation technology (IDVT) to detect and track the latest trends in document fraud innovations, so you can stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

  • Multi-channel solution

    If fraud prevention is critical, then we recommend using our hardware scanners, combined with our unique software solution. We gain access to visible, infrared and ultra violet light, read any biometric chip and gain a high resolution scan to perform advanced proximity checks and extraction.

  • Seamless online experience

    For remote digital channels, our hardware scanners are often not a practical option. For those scenarios we provide a number of layers that can help to reduce exposure to fraud, including advanced sampling, digital tamper detection, configurable tolerance levels and an online, in-process forensic document examiner service.

GBG IDscan is a feature-rich IDVT solution with multiple platform and reporting facilities, and 24/7 technical and document expert support.

That’s why we’re trusted by over 1,000 customers in financial services, vehicle hire, travel, entertainment, gaming and HR. We’re proud to deliver the world’s largest document authentication library, to help you beat fraud within your organisation.

How we can help you prevent fraud

Document authentication

You need to have confidence that your customers’ ID documents are real or fake. That’s where our hardware scanner helps. Our hardware solution can do things a mobile simply can’t. We can detect the invisible security features within an ID document such as ultraviolet (UV), or infrared (IR) patterns, and we can access the radio frequency identification chip (RFID). This helps you to detect if an image has been altered, or if the ID document has been physically changed in a fraud attempt.

Investigation Studio

Our investigation Studio enables you to quickly and easily access your scanned documents in a secure, single platform. Your employees will have access to all of the data captured in an application, and be able to see the results of the security checks we perform of the ID document image. Rest assured you’re compliant with a full audit trail. Our Investigation Studio is available either as a web-based solution or an integrated API.

Global document coverage

We can authenticate more than 4,000 different global identity document types.


In line with your strategic focus and risk appetite, we can support your customer onboarding further using a combination of hardware and software solutions that are simple to integrate. As well as supporting your online customer onboarding, we offer a hardware solution to provide you with full in-branch ID document authentication, including Ultraviolet, Infrared & RFID Chip reading, so your customers can open accounts and purchase goods or services in seconds.

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