Financial Services

Reduce fraud in your branches by up to 95%

  • Fight fraud

    Identify potential fraudsters or money launderers before they’ve had chance to strike. Protect your bottom line and your reputation.

  • Assist with compliance

    Validate ID documents quickly for KYC, AML and PEPs and Sanctions purposes. Access your customer data centrally and access a full audit trail.

  • Smooth customer experience

    Onboard your customers in branch, or online quickly and accurately with document validation in under 5 seconds.

Wouldn’t you like to be spending more time with your customers? Well, getting them onboarded quickly and more efficiently enables you to do this.

Our document authentication solution helps you to stop fraudsters using fake documents to open accounts or create high value transactions in your branches. We’ve got you covered whether your customers are at home or on the move with our online ID document authentication solution. Onboard your customers fast with less key strokes. Make the right decisions that protect your organisation, and assist with your compliance needs.

We provide enterprise technology for 4 of the top 10 European banks

In a 6 month period, we saved the UK Retail Banking industry over £12 million in confirmed fraud prevention.

Helping financial services organisations quickly and easily authenticate their customers' ID documents

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