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Introducing GBG IDscan

Fake? Forged? Altered? Do you know? GBG IDscan does. Put simply, GBG IDscan takes a snapshot of ID documentation and checks it’s authenticity. Within seconds. But the advanced technology behind it is complex. It reads, extracts and authenticates a multitude of documents - including passports, visas, ID cards, driving licences and work permits. It automatically validates documents using advanced mathematical algorithms, colour wave technology and our proprietary library of document images. And our latest, ground-breaking innovation in mobile technology means we can validate, extract data and inspect documents direct from smartphones and tablet computers.

Why use GBG IDscan?

5 second onboarding

From ID to KYC checks in 5 seconds. GBG IDscan delivers simple, and fast customer experience.

Maintain a robust fraud process

GBG IDscan verifies both the document and the identity of the person.

Global expansion

Expand your business by on-boarding global customers with coverage of documents from over 240+ countries and territories.

Fully automated service

GBG IDscan is designed to give a near real-time response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cost effective

It’s secure, quick and easy to integrate. Cost-effective annual run-time licences are available.

Mobile technology

We can validate, extract data and inspect documents direct from smartphones and tablet computers.

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