Powerful & reliable document verification technology

Onboard more customers, prevent fraud and satisfy regulators globally

Glare Detected Real-time feedback helps users capture the best image Multiple frames automatically combine to produce the best quality capture Image is automatically captured without the user needing to press a capture button.

Smart Capture

Smart Capture automatically recognises and classifies identity documents via the camera in a user’s mobile device. Our You Only Look Once (YOLO) technology captures better quality images first time by combining multiple frames to eliminate blur and glare, ensuring a smooth customer experience.

Smart Capture enables:

• Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which extracts data accurately and prevents user-error

• Physical and digital tamper detection, which identifies counterfeits, forgeries and fakes

• Genuine presence verification via passive liveness

3D scanning establishes liveness Presence established in the background without fraudsters knowing

Biometric Liveness

Establish genuine presence, fight fraud and meet AML regulations with minimal friction using our AI-powered, iBeta-tested and ISO 30107-3-compliant passive liveness technology.

Using computer-vision techniques, our passive liveness technology (powered by ID R&D) detects faces from a single frame, optimises image quality and detects artefacts from presentation fraud.

Passive liveness:

• Requires no action from users

• Needs no capture-side software

• Works in various lighting conditions

• Accounts for makeup, spectacles and facial hair

Our active liveness technology offers an alternative experience for those who prefer friendly friction in their customer experience, asking users to perform a series of challenge-response actions.

Scanning RFID-chip automatically detected via Smart Capture Image extracted wirelessly from document via device’s NFC sensor

Near-Field Communication (NFC)

Extract identity data from RFID-chipped documents in an instant with 100% accuracy. Our NFC capability eliminates the need for users to fill in registration forms and prevents input errors.

Our NFC capability (powered by Read ID) provides the complex cryptography needed to verify the authenticity of and information on a document’s digitally-signed RFID chip.

Our NFC is:

• Compatible with Android, and iOS 13 onwards

• Configurable and integrable with your apps and backend

• Fast – extracting data in a matter of seconds

More document verification capabilities & features

Our document verification solution features a range of other capabilities to help you verify a document holder’s identity.

  • Digital tamper detection

    Our technology inspects document image metadata for signals it was generated or saved using photo editing software, and sends you a notification to flag digital tampering.

  • Physical tamper detection

    Our machine-learning technology prevents fraud by detecting physical tampering, including recaptured images and face substitution.

  • Document library

    Our documents library is the biggest and fastest-growing registry of global identity documents, allowing you to onboard customers in any region at any time.

  • SDK & integration

    Our platform features both native and web SDKs, allowing you to onboard your customers wherever they are, on whichever devices they’re using.

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