Know Your Customer (KYC)

Achieve KYC compliance without compromising customer experience

Identity verification for Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance 

Satisfy regulators without adding unwanted friction for customers using our powerful, easy to integrate KYC solutions that can be configured to fit any risk-based approach. 

Whether you want a data or document-led onboarding process, our comprehensive data sources, granular results and powerful technology help you minimise drop-out rates, understand the logic behind every decision and onboard as many good customers as possible on the first attempt. 

From our IDscan platform, with its NFC and passive liveness capabilities for effortless data extraction and genuine presence detection, to our data layering technology that ensures identity data honestly represents the person presenting it – we offer everything you need to achieve true KYC compliance. 

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What makes our KYC solutions different 

We’ve built our KYC solutions on the core principles of configurability, granularity and transparency to help you achieve what we consider true compliance with Know Your Customer regulations.  

No black box solution can fit every unique risk-based approach, that’s why we built a customisable solution that can support infinite risk profiles - tailorable to your unique requirements. And with more than 7,000 result codes, our solution is truly granular – allowing you to genuinely understand and have confidence in every onboarding decision you make. 

Finally, our solution comes with a robust, accessible audit trail you can use to prove KYC compliance to regulators and evidence decisions to customers. What’s more, you can interrogate the audit trail to discover new opportunities for growth.

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KYC compliance as an engine for growth 

The transparency and granularity of our Know Your Customer solutions makes their configurability even more powerful. With the insights you get from your results and audit trail, you can refine your onboarding process by customer type, product and location. All of this helps you gain a competitive edge over the competition. 

It also allows you to meet growing customer demand and helps you scale or enter new markets by removing the bottlenecks and costs associated with manual identity verification. 

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Frequently asked KYC questions

KYC is all about verifying the identities of your customers, clients and suppliers. It’s also about linking a person to a digital identity. 

KYC checks will help prevent you onboarding customers who are involved with various types of fraud, such as money laundering, and/or illegal activity, such as financing terrorism. 

Financial institutions use KYC to protect themselves from being used by criminals looking to move illicit money. KYC also helps organisations to better understand and manage risk. 

KYC is something of an umbrella terms that encompasses a range of activity that helps you identify and verify a customer. 

At a minimum, you should conduct KYC checks when you onboard a new customer, but for a more robust approach, KYC should be an ongoing process of checking and monitoring your customers and their typical behaviour. 

You can be fined by regulators and, in more serious cases, face criminal prosecution. 

What’s more, those penalties for non-compliance could make the headlines, which can cause immeasurable damage to your reputation and put potential customers off doing business with you in future. 

For more information on carrying out Know Your Customer checks, read the GBG guide to KYC. 

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